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Become a Parents Plus ‘Champion Facilitator.’

Become a Parents Plus ‘Champion Facilitator.’

In Parents Plus, we recognise the large numbers of trained facilitators and agencies, in Ireland, the U.K. and internationally, who deliver the Parent Plus programmes in a sustained quality way.  Each year we identify ‘champion’ facilitators, who show innovation in improving outcomes for families using our suite of evidence-based programmes.  The ‘Champion’ Facilitators who are selected are eligible for additional supports and supervision, as well as reduced cost training and programme materials.

The ‘Parents Plus Champion Facilitator’ initiative, launched in 2017, is specially designed to celebrate and support facilitators, especially those trained since 2019/2020, to continue to run Parents Plus groups in their services. A key focus is to support facilitators to develop their programme delivery skills and improve outcomes for the young people and families they work with.

You may be eligible for our Parents Plus Champion Facilitator status if you:

  • Are running one of the Parents Plus programmes regularly (at least twice a year).
  • Follow the Parents Plus Quality Protocol as you deliver the programmes.
  • Are already accredited in a programme, or are starting/working towards accreditation over the next year 2021/22.
  • Are happy to agree to:  Return to Parents Plus the audit data on a recent group you have run or are currently running (i.e anonymised parent course review forms at the end of the group completed). These should be sent to 
  • Allow you and your agency to be identified as a Parents Plus Champion on the Parents Plus website and within our newsletter/social media/email communications.

Benefits of becoming a Parents Plus Champion Facilitator:

  1. A free Supervision Session during the next group you run in 2021/22.
  2. 50 % discount on parent booklets when ordering them for groups in your service. You can order up to 20 booklets for the programme you are trained in with this discount. 
  3. 50% discount on additional Parents Plus training for you (includes training materials) in another Parents Plus Programme that you would like to run in your service. 
  4. 50% discount on facilitator training for up to two colleagues in your agency who want to train and can then be your co-facilitators. 

Discounts are available for the duration of champion status (until 31/12/2022)
Discount will be provided to Champion Facilitators and can only be used in the above stated ways and cannot be transferred to others.  

NB For all orders/bookings, you will need to contact us at in advance of ordering so we can set up your discount on our system.

If you are interested, please complete this short application form, and return it to

If you have further enquiries in relation to Champion Facilitator status please contact Eileen at