‘Parenting Monaghan’ lead the way in Parenting Support with launch of Evaluation Report 

Article featured in The Northern Standard Newspaper, December 2019

The Parents Plus range of parenting courses, which are offered free of charge to all parents in County Monaghan by the organisation Parenting Monaghan, has led to significant improvements in parenting confidence and skills as well as improvements in child behaviour, positive discipline and family relationships, according to an evaluation report which was launched by Parenting Monaghan at the Glencarn Hotel in Castleblainey, yesterday, the 4th of December.

Data from parents who attended the Parents Plus courses also indicates important improvements in their children’s ability to process their emotions and parent child communication.

The report, a collaboration between Parenting Monaghan and Parents Plus, and based on evaluations from 124 Monaghan families who attended the courses, evaluates and documents the effectiveness of using the Parents Plus ‘Parenting’ Programmes by Parenting Monaghan, between 2017 and 2018.

The report clearly demonstrates that offering universal parenting courses to parents, such as the evidence based Parents Plus programmes commissioned by Parenting Monaghan, delivers measurable and tangible benefits to parents and their children, proving further the importance of investing in evidence based parenting programmes in order to deliver long-term benefits for families and communities across Ireland.

Speaking at the launch of the report, Ellen Mc Meel, Parenting Monaghan Coordinator explains,

“Parents are overwhelmed by the amount and type of parenting information that is out there. Parenting Monaghan wanted to respond to the needs of parents in Monaghan in the most effective way. This is why we chose to train in and offer the Parents Plus programmes. They allow parents to cut through this noise and have access to practical information, developed by parenting experts, which is relevant to their experience as parents in Ireland. Parents aren’t given an instruction manual when their children are born, so these free courses are an invaluable resource to all parents with children from 1 to 16 years old. They are an excellent way for parents to come together to learn proven strategies that will actually work for their families.”

Parenting Monaghan chose to commission the Parents Plus range of parenting courses as the courses have been clinically proven to work and their focus is on empowering parents to make the necessary positive changes in their lives.

The team at Parenting Monaghan offer the following Parents Plus courses free to all parents in Monaghan:

The Parents Plus Early Years Programme for parents of 1 – 6 year olds

The Parents Plus Children’s Programme for parents of 6 – 11 year olds

The Parents Plus Adolescent Programme for parents of young people age 11 – 16 year olds

The Parents Plus Parenting When Separated Programme for parents experiencing separation or divorce

A results based model of parenting support offered by Parenting Monaghan

One parent who attended the Parents Plus Early Years Programme with Parenting Monaghan describes how “Since the course I have been able to introduce good routines for the kids, there are very few behaviour issues, I am more consistent as a parent and I have learned tools that every parent should learn. To be honest, it doesn’t matter what your background or where you are from, every parent should do the Parents Plus courses. The course will change your children lives and your life for the better.”

Another parent explains, “I found the Parents Plus programme to be very worthwhile and beneficial to me. Having completed the programme I feel I can communicate better with my children, react calmer to their challenging behaviour and most importantly, recognise the value of engaging in playtime with them.”

The report not only emphasises the major impact that Parenting Monaghan is having on families in County Monaghan, but also the long term differences that investment in collaborations such as this have on the future of families when given access to evidence based parenting courses.

Continuing the partnership with parents of Monaghan

Mc Meel concludes “The Parenting Monaghan approach of delivering the Parents Plus programmes matters to parents and shows that working in partnership with all parents really works. We welcome all parents to contact us to book their free place and to ask any questions that they might have. Parents shouldn’t be left isolated in their responsibility to bring up their children. Times have changed. So many people live away from their extended family, are working long hours, have longer commutes, are trying to be everything to everyone. But we can’t do it all on our own. Parenting Monaghan wants the parents of Monaghan to know that we are all in this together. As the old proverb says, It takes a village to raise a child. This is certainly clear from our evaluation and from the strong feedback from the parents involved.”

To book your free place, call or text Ellen at 087 770 2114 or email parentingmonaghan@gmail.com

Parenting Monaghan was formed in August 2016 to address parenting needs across Co. Monaghan. It is a multi-agency project that has 17 member groups, with a part time coordinator and administrative backup.

The agencies involved in Parenting Monaghan are Monaghan Integrated Development, Monaghan County Childcare Committee, ISPCC Child and Family Networks, Tusla Child and Family Agency, HSE Primary Care, HSE Public Health Nursing, HSE Adult Mental Health Services, Children and Young People’s Services Committee, Monaghan County Council, School Completion Programme, Monaghan Education Centre, Cavan Monaghan Education and Training Board, Foroige/Garda Youth Diversion Programme, Youth Work Ireland, Monaghan, Teach na Daoine Family Resource Centre, Cavan Monaghan Drug Awareness and Enable Ireland.

Source of image and article: The Northern Standard Newspaper