“From Poverty to Potential: A Programme Plan for Child Well-being 2023-2025”

Following the decision to establish a Child Poverty and Well-being Programme Office in the Department of the Taoiseach, the Government has published the initial Programme Plan: “From Poverty to Potential: A Programme Plan for Child Well-being 2023-2025”.

The Government’s vision is to make Ireland the best country in Europe to be a child. This is important because we want every child to be happy and well-cared for, but also because childhood is the foundation of realising broader economic, environmental, and social goals.

The objective of the programme is to focus cross-government attention on those areas that will make the greatest difference, especially for children who are more likely to experience poverty and who face greater challenges in overcoming it. The programme builds on the six priority areas identified by Government which have the potential to bring about significant change for families and children.

These are:

a.Income Supports and Joblessness
b.Early Learning and Childcare
c.Reducing the cost of education
d.Family homelessness
e.Consolidating and integrating Family & Parental Support, Health and Well-being
f.Enhancing participation in culture, arts and sport for Children and Young People affected by poverty.

The role of the Department of the Taoiseach is to co-ordinate and focus government action. This programme is intended to drive implementation of a broad range of commitments that will impact on the six areas, but the Office will also undertake a small number of strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of cross-government responses.