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Working Things Out in North Sommerset

Working Things Out in North Sommerset

The Parents Plus Working Things Out Programme provides professionals with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) strategies to equip young people with coping skills, helpful thinking strategies, improved conflict resolution and communication skills, and reduced stress levels.

This evidence-based programme builds on young people’s strengths and positive relationships with their families, peers, schools, and communities. The programme can be used by professionals as a preventative mental health measure to promote positive coping or as an intervention for young people with identified mental health problems.

Below is the experience of North Somerset Family Support Worker, Leanne Pugh, of running the Parents Plus Working Things Out Programme:

“My name is Leanne Pugh and I am a Family Support Worker in North Somerset. So far, I have experience of running and co-facilitating one Parents Plus Working Things Out programme.

We ran this programme for eight weeks, in-person and the feedback has been incredible. We have witnessed the young people flourish. The biggest impact appears to be the relationship the young people have developed with their parents. We ran the programme alongside the Parents Plus Adolescent Programme, and it was a really successful way of doing it.

Here are some of the things we heard from the programme attendees:

My mum came and sat in my room last night to chat”

“We actually went for a family walk”

“My sister stole my makeup again and I didn’t react instead, I told my mum” 

The parents on the Parents Plus Adolescent Programme all gave positive feedback too:

I’ve been using the pause button and it really helps

We played a game together at the weekend

She has grown so much in her confidence

“Parent Plus programmes are really straightforward and easy to deliver. You get all the information you need to deliver the course, and from the very first session there are tips and ideas for the families to try at home. 

“Parents Plus offer ongoing support and deliver their training in a fun way. If you get the chance to deliver the Parents Plus Adolescent Programme alongside Working Things Out, I would highly recommend it.”

Studies have shown that young people who complete the Working Things Out programme report improved coping skills, reduced behavioural and emotional problems, improved family communication, and significant gains on personal goals. Parents Plus provides a comprehensive package of pre and post-training supports to professionals and managers, including implementation support, individual and group supervision sessions, advanced training workshops, extra resources to facilitate delivery, support to promote and market your Parents Plus courses, and advice and guidance on evaluating and monitoring outcomes in your agency.

Completing the two-day Working Things Out Programme training will license you to co-deliver the programme under supervision in both group and one-to-one sessions with parents. For facilitators who want to take their practice to a higher level, Parents Plus also offers an established accreditation process to refine their facilitation skills and professional practice and reach a high standard of delivery.

The Working Things Out Programme offers a comprehensive, evidence-based solution for professionals to equip young people with positive coping mechanisms and a healthy mental health outlook. With the right skills and knowledge, professionals can make a significant difference in the lives of young people experiencing mental health concerns, difficulties, and conflict.